Nancy C. Sharts-Hopko, PhD, RN, FAAN
College of Nursing
Professor and Director, PhD Program
(610) 519-4906

I have been a member of the College of Nursing faculty since 1986.  With a background in maternal-infant and women's health, I have published research on women's health perceptions during various health and life transitions, including menopause, hysterectomy, HIV/AIDS infection, childbearing in a foreign country, and disability, particularly related to vision.  I have taught undergraduate and graduate nursing students since 1978, and in the mid-1980s I worked for nearly three years in Asia, including Bangladesh, where I was a WHO Short Term Consultant, and Japan, where I was a Visiting Lecturer at St. Luke's College of Nursing.  I have served on two U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory committees, on Maternal Health and Fertility Drugs and OB/GYN Devices, and I currently serve on the Board of Directors as Treasurer of Sigma Theta Tau International.  I was inducted into the American Academy of Nursing in 1990, and in 2004 I was designated Outstanding Alumna of the Indiana University School of Nursing.  The mother of a grown son, I live in Bryn Mawr with my husband. 

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Courses Taught:

   NUR 2200 Healthy Lifestyles and Human Values

   NUR 3110 Research and Scientific Evidence in Nursing Practice

   NUR 4800 Issues in Women's Health

   NUR 7081  International Health

   NUR 7085 Contemplative Practices in Health and Illness

   NUR 8500 American Higher Education

   NUR 8927 Practicum in Parent-Child Health Nursing

   NUR 8961 Political Action, Health Politics and Policy

   NUR 9511 Dissertation Seminar I